, par  Consul Honoraire du Népal en France

Official Visa :

The official visa shall be granted to the persons considered fit the following foreigners and their family upon recommendation of the concerned foreign diplomatic mission :

a. Administrative, technical and non diplomatic officials serving in a residential or non residential diplomatic mission, Consulate for Nepal and incumbent Nepalese honorary Consul Generals, Consuls and their family who visit Nepal from a foreign country,

b. Consultant experts who stay in Nepal under an agreement with Nepal Government,

c. Employees serving in the Nepal based offices of the United Nations or its agencies and the persons holding the laissez passez granted by the United Nations,

d. Employees serving in the international institutions or regional organizations located in Nepal.

e. Persons to come to participate in assembly, conference, training or meeting organized by Nepal Government or Nepal Government’s undertaking agency or United Nations Organizations or Regional Organization or other agencies there under.

An application for the official visa has to be submitted in the format as referred to in Appendix 1.

Provided, however that the application as referred to in Appendix 1 is not required to be submitted if request or recommendation, accompanied with the details, is made by a foreign diplomatic mission or a body authorized therefor.

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